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China and Russia have a deal for oil and gas. China is using our money, they have trillions, to set themselves up as an independent world power. Coal, oil, gas, gold, iron ore and huge food deals so far. Contracts all over the world to protect themselves.

Soon they will have enough money to buy a corner on gold and stop using the dollar. They’ll have the oil producers in their pocket as they will be the only country buying.

Every empire such as we had struggles with “over reach” as ours has done and bankrupts their working class destroying their main source of income.

Then they can’t pay for protecting their markets. Their markets no longer are profitable and slip through their fingers.

Then the Empire attacks it’s own citizens. “Free speech” ‘becomes “permissible” speech. Every act becomes regulated. Riches are bestowed through loyalty to governors.

Then we blow each other away.

Got guns?

Hopefully everybody takes a deep breath and we go back to the good old days bitching about ingrate foreigners.

Selling Ponzi schemes and borrowing thousands on make believe real estate deals.

And let’s not forget voting for $8 a week tax cuts. Heh heh.

Meanwhile, study Spanish so you can get a job!

Written by mrcauser

February 21, 2009 at 8:32 pm

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