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The Empire is toast…..maybe.

China covers her ass and Russia sucks up to the future world leader. That’s the bet. I think they are on the right track as about 20 years ago the “smart” money moved overseas from  here getting themselves positioned for moving the Empire off the American shore.

it was sold as ‘free trade’ but it simply means creating wealth and bypassing the socialist nonsense in western countries.

Why pay all the overhead when you simply sell the stuff and not worry about being “socially responsible”.

Especially when America becoming bankrupt. (Usually signified by a country becoming a debtor nation) and soaking up capital to pay for various welfare schemes, that can’t be paid for, from foreign entities.

History will tell but I think these guys are in for a surprise. What goes around comes around. I remember when Japan was the new wonderkind back in the 80’s and would take over the world.

How did that work out?

Remember selling us short was not one of the smart guys better moves then. And I’m betting not now either.

We still have all the guns and can aim them wherever we want. And can take what we want.

We’ve done it before.

Jesse’s Café Américain: Russia and China Sign Oil Deal for the Next Twenty Years

Russia, China sign $25 billion energy deal
17 Feb 2009, 1721 hrs IST, AGENCIES

MOSCOW: Russia and China signed a $25 billion energy deal in Beijing on Tuesday that will see China secure oil supplies from Russia for the next 20 years in return for loans, Russia’s state pipeline monopoly Transneft said.

As part of the broad energy supply deal, China will lend $15 billion to Rosneft, Russia’s state-owned oil major, and $10 billion to Transneft, a vital boost for energy companies as they struggle to raise capital amid straitened lending conditions and plunging oil prices.


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February 19, 2009 at 8:29 pm

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