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Newspapers are nauseating to read. Pure and simple.

At least Obamama gave us $8 a week so we can buy one. Heh heh.

The American Spectator : Authors of Their Own Doom

By William Murchison on 2.2.09 @ 6:10AM

Just what I needed: more bad news about the news business. My business, one way or another since 1964, when I labored not only as general assignments reporter and feature writer for a small-town newspaper but also took photos and, yes, converted same to plastic engravings via that technological wonder, the Fairchild Scan-A-Graver.

I have been around. How I sympathize now with James Warren’s morose reflections on the Atlantic’s Internet site concerning the acute need for newspapering even as the customers for our grand old product drift away. He writes: “Newspaper penetration — the number of households looking at a paper — now amounts to less than 18 percent of the population, compared with 33 percent back in 1946.…Papers are throwing out employees almost weekly, cutting national and foreign bureaus if they have them.…In some cases, entire newspapers are shutting down.”


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February 17, 2009 at 9:28 pm

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