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The left hates the auto……..

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But they can’t survive politically without the union money. Should be interesting. Kill your money supply or practice your religion, “Environmentalism”.

Hmmm… Are they getting money to their union buddies?

The American Spectator : Green With Madness

It ought to be obvious — even to Obama — that in today’s economy, anything that adds significantly to the bottom line cost of a new car is not going to help Detroit sell cars — no matter how “clean” they supposedly are. Fleets of unsold (but clean!) new cars sitting on dealership lots across the country aren’t going to save the planet.

But they may just write the obituary of the American auto industry.

Then there’s the more subtle shivving: California’s intention to categorize carbon dioxide — an inert gas that plays no role whatsoever in the formation of smog — as an “emission” for regulatory purposes.

Unlike other exhaust byproducts of internal combustion (such as unburned hydrocarbons) which can be reduced by making an engine run more efficiently, there is only one way to reduce the output of C02 — burn less fuel. That will mean smaller engines in smaller cars.


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February 6, 2009 at 7:33 pm

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