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Coming to a neighborhood near you!

You can’t fight reality.

Broke dicks, old fucker broke dicks, will be in a battle for their checks with their kids. They will sell every thing to survive.

And they vote.

Tell a millions of vets armed for Armageddon they have to move in with their kids because they ain’t gettin’ no Social Suckers check!

Or find a warm bridge to live under.

Millions of geezers have nothing now. But debts. Insurance only pays if they die. House equity has disappeared for ever.

How many Walmart greeters do you think we can hire?

Did I mention they vote?

And have more guns than several large countries?


1. Demographics. The entire model of retirement and healthcare for the elderly is based on the shorter lifespans, low-cost medical treatments and robust worker-retiree ratios of the 1940s.

That model no longer has any relation to reality. The majority of people will live almost a full generation longer than their great grandparents, meaning many will be drawing benefits nearly as long as they worked.

The worker-retiree ratio has fallen from 10-to-1 to 2.5-to-1–clearly, unsustainable. In nations with low birthrates, it will soon fall to 1-to-1.

A standard heart surgery and recovery now costs more than most homes. Forty years ago it did not cost 5 years’ wages to enter the hospital for a few days and undergo a procedure. Now it’s “normal.”


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February 2, 2009 at 10:05 pm

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