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Ob promises 10 a week stimulus……

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Gas goes up 10 bucks a week……Yay. Vote democrat.

Yea right.

Don’t worry His Highness will be reelected since no one in their right mind will vote for any of these gangsters in  office, any office, again.

Soon the rest of the bad loans come due. Trillions! No one has a solution that saves the rich thieving bastards except printing and borrowing. This has never worked in the past.

Maybe OB is special. Economics no longer apply. In a few years we’ll have nice roads and bridges built by union labor.

Of course no one will be able to afford 30 bucks a gallon to use them.

Buy food now. Pay down your debts so you can qualify for the bargains after we get rid of these nut jobs in charge. Polish up your shotgun as the cities go nuts.

Even the illegals are going home. Heh heh.

Gas prices: Up 14% for the month – Jan. 31, 2009 (NEW YORK) — Gasoline prices edged higher Saturday and are now 14% higher from where they started the month, according to a daily survey of credit card swipes.

The price of gas hit a national average of $1.855 a gallon, up slightly from $1.846 a gallon on Friday, according to motorist group AAA. Prices have been on an upward trajectory for most of the month, starting January some 23 cents lower at $1.626 a gallon.


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January 31, 2009 at 9:18 pm

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