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Global economy will save us all…..

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Anyone remember Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot warning people this would happen? We were sold out by rich, greedy con artists that globalism (shipping our manufacturing overseas ) would be Nirvana.

Democrats and Republicans sold us this horse shit by the barrel. No need to drill our own oil. Don’t worry about all that sucking sound you here of trillions of future wealth heading for Mexico and China.

We even got the commies to fall in to our “one big happy economy.”

Yea right. Now any country that catches  a cold causes  every other country to die from Pneumonia.

The best definition of Depression would be when every country is in recession.

Guess what?

But, what can a guy do? Most of us depend on “service jobs”. Selling Chinese trinkets and toys to each other. Or lending people money they can’t afford to pay back.

The rest of us get a government check. Now there’s a losing proposition. We’d have to take over all the oil producing countries to pay those off.

However who’s going to need to do that when world trade is collapsing around our ears and no one will have to drive.

I think right now the genius’ in charge saw Obama coming. Poor bastard.

If he can wave the magic wand and save the world even I will pray to him.

Anyways we have rioting going on all over Europe and soon all those Islamic immigrants are going to tear up the cities.

Trouble is for them who needs to hire these people ?

I’m now stocking up on canned food and beans. I  need to get a new rifle and prepare for deer hunting in the future. Already a guy at work is going to show me the secrets of ice fishing. Cat food getting expensive so the kitties will be on a fish diet.

Me too.

Don’t expect a lot of beef being bought for awhile. Corn prices went nuts last summer and someone has to pay for it. Probably the beef lots will have to be bailed out by the government because we know what will happen if we can’t feed the inner city mobs who can’t even spell Obama’s name.

The gangsters in charge never learn that promising people something for nothing means everyone gets nothing.

Check out how the world is going below.

Downturn Accelerates As It Circles The Globe –

The world economy is deteriorating more quickly than leading economists predicted only weeks ago, with Britain yesterday becoming the latest nation to surprise analysts with the depth of its economic pain.

Britain posted its worst quarterly contraction since 1980 on the heels of sharper than expected slowdowns reported from Germany to China to South Korea. The grim data, analysts said, underscores how the burst of the biggest credit bubble in history is seeping into the real economies around the world, silencing construction cranes, bankrupting businesses and throwing millions of people out of work.


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January 25, 2009 at 7:54 pm

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