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Reganomics worked until Republicans became Liberals on fiscal policy. (As well as making war on non oil producing countries.)

Some of us can remember Carter crying in the White House over mean Iranians and OPEC nut jobs holding our embassy employees hostage. 

Or paying %16 interest on a new house.

How about driving our business overseas.

Carter started the Empire moving off shore and Clinton finished it. Our Oil industry was destroyed by these nut jobs, remember?

No body could seriously expect our businesses to stick around and be abused by the left wing green policies  and their sycophants in the Media.

 Now days going into business is practically an exercise in futility after all the regs, rules, tax commitments you have to take on.

You have to go underground to get ahead then worry about the Government stealing everything you own.

Making it on wages will get tougher in the future because of all these deficits that have to be paid.

Expect sales taxes (including a national tax) to explode as soon as this borrowing takes effect.

Somebody has to pay.

Look in the mirror.

The American Spectator : Obama’s Race to the Past

On regulation, Reagan specifically campaigned in 1980 on unleashing the private sector to produce more energy supplies to counter the energy crisis of his day. He did so soon after entering office, and the price of oil and natural gas plunged and remained low for over 25 years. If we did the same today, if we removed needless regulatory barriers to increased oil and gas and nuclear energy production, we would enjoy booming energy industries that contributed mightily to the economy. We would also boost the entire economy, but particularly manufacturing, with low cost, reliable supplies of energy.


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January 19, 2009 at 10:47 pm

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