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No government can control the Empire. Once the world’s elite got a taste of freedom and the power there is no stopping it. Blaming Bush or the Fed is silly. None of these guys could do much of anything to stop the panic. Only time will cure this.

Everything has to unwind and reset. No one trusts anyone right now.

Especially when the presidential  contest last year scared the piss out of them. OB threatened free trade, remember?

“Protectionism” is terrifying to the greedy bastards. Fuck America is their feelings as far as we can tell.

As far as we’re concerned most modern economies are in the same boat: Old people. Feed them or kill them.

 Check out this guy writing 2 years ago.

The Great Depression of 2006: May 2006

The baby boomer’s are about to retire. Imagine what will happen when they decide to withdraw money from their retirement accounts because Social Security, just isn’t enough.

How about the fund manager, who will notice that more money is leaving the fund than is being deposited. Common sense tells him to sell the dogs in his portfolio and hold on to Google.

Is it my imagination, that the airlines and the auto industry just had a pay cut.

Gasoline and gold doubled in price? Or did we devalue the dollar without telling anyone?


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January 13, 2009 at 8:37 pm

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