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California. Need to save it. Union money most be saved. Dems can’t compete with Repubs with out it. Auto workers, Teachers and don’t forget construction unions must be stimulated.

 Yes time to join up and get a job. Who needs store clerks when we can build new highways for all those cars that only teachers will be able to afford to drive.

My daughter Mary will have to go back to teaching. Her husband is already a union construction worker. Should be all right for awhile.

Daughter Tracy will be a surgical tech and stay in the medical field because we will have National health care. (Bet on it!) Her husband will also be in the field shortly.

Jeremy is a supervisor at an airplane plant. Building bush planes for government entities. Should be safe until everybody has one.

Patty and I are OK until everyone moves out of the area. Walmart is here for the duration. Our store is  making $80 million a year here.

See how long it last.

Plan on spending my old age in Florida. May find a mobile home cheap there or a RV.  Should be plenty around.

Even though in the long run Florida will be over run with broke dick Yankees I still think the climate is worth it.

Speaking of which since these people will have to have a place to live I might consider buying trailers for cash and selling them with payments. Good money can be made if done right. My landlord here does it all the time and he’s 84 years old.


The American Spectator : Golden Apples

An even larger bill comes in the form of unfunded costs for teacher healthcare deals. School districts — and ultimately, taxpayers — will pick up $16 billion in unfunded healthcare payments on behalf of retiring teachers. This includes the $10 billion in as-yet-to-be funded health insurance payments owed by the Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation’s second-largest (and most visibly dysfunctional) school district. The tiny Encinitas Union School District near San Diego, which educates a mere 5,600 elementary school children, has $4 billion in unfunded healthcare payments.

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January 12, 2009 at 9:07 pm

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