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They’ll give us the money a few bucks a week and we wont even notice. Still the next stimulus, let’s say by Xmas, should be at least $5000.

Then the sky’s the limit! – We Don’t Need a Stimulus Package – Do This Instead

We Don’t Need a Stimulus Package – Do This Instead
President-elect Barack Obama proposed a stimulus package of $800 billion. The proposed package consists of $300 billion in tax cuts and $500 billion in spending.
The tax cuts would be geared at lower and middle income workers in the form of $500 per worker ($1000 for couples) tax credits on your payroll taxes rather than a check sent in the mail. Businesses would receive various tax cuts including some geared at encouraging employers to hire new workers or delay lay-offs. The tax cut portion of the package is geared at recruiting Republican support in Congress. The tax cuts would be greater than the tax cuts enacted by President George W. Bush.
The spending provision focuses on infrastructure such as highway and bridge repair. It would also provide aid to states struggling with declining revenue in the form of expanding health care funding such as paying more of the states Medicare costs. Under consideration is further unemployment benefits and health care coverage for unemployed workers.
Republicans are demanding the aid to states be in the form of loans, rather than grants. They are also demanding a go-slow approach to the bill to allow for enough hearings,and review to catch any waste. Supporters and certain economists say that the stimulus package needs passed quickly to avert further job losses and a deepening of the recession. Initially, Congress hoped to pass a bill by the Inauguration of President Obama, but it appears that a realistic goal is the February recess of Congress instead.
What do you think needs done? Should the stimulus bill be passed quickly basically as currently proposed? Or should Congress take more time? And what provisions would you like to see changed, added or deleted to it? What should be done to stimulate the economy of the United States? Or should nothing be done?


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January 10, 2009 at 9:42 pm

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