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Oil set to go nuts. Gas prices too. Not much help for the Dems. Reid
could be toast as Las Vegas goes bust.

 Jews need to kill everybody over
there and put an end to it. If not they disappear from history in the
Middle East. They are starting now because OB is a fucking Moslem and
can’t be trusted very far.

Should see stocks going up for awhile as OB
love sets in. I’m get my credit in shape for all the bargains that will
be around. I haven’t borrowed shit until last year. Expect big bargains
as our local unemployment rate here in Idaho hit 11%.

Wait until it hits 30%.

Expect bigger hand out from Dem’s this year. Rumor has it at 500$ per adult. Chicken shit. Make it 5000$ coupon for a new truck and I’m in. Why give the money to the union bosses when I will spend it on a new truck for my new business.

We old farts have to look out for our selves for many more years as our retirement money goes to that great black hole called the stock market. Wait to you here the bitching over that when we are to old and crippled to work.

Expect a lot of guns to go off.

Written by mrcauser

January 7, 2009 at 2:06 am

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