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Lord Obama…. Change you can believe in….

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha. These lefty voters are stupider than right wing voters. At least we got the Supreme court for the next couple of years. Should be that long to finish off the working stiff. Who needs them when you have Lord Obama’s magic wand.

Gates to stay on as Pentagon chief, aides say – International Herald Tribune

WASHINGTON: In a show of bipartisanship and continuity, President-elect Barack Obama has decided to keep Defense Secretary Robert Gates in his post, Democrats close to the transition said, and on Wednesday named Paul Volcker, a former chairman of the Federal Reserve under Democratic and Republican presidents, to lead a new White House economic advisory committee.

It will be the first time a Pentagon chief has been carried over from a president of a different party. Obama’s advisers were nearing a formal agreement with Gates to stay on for perhaps a year, the Democrats said Tuesday, and they expected to announce the decision as early as next week, along with other choices for the national security team. The two sides have been working out details on how Gates would wield authority in a new administration.

The move will give the new president a defense secretary with support on both sides of the aisle in Congress, as well as experience with foreign leaders around the world and respect among the senior military officer corps. But two years after President George W. Bush picked him to lead the armed forces, Gates will now have to pivot from serving the commander in chief who started the Iraq war to serving one who has promised to end it.


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November 27, 2008 at 7:26 pm

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