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I guess we’ll have to ban water……..

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No money in it for the lefties. No carbon credit trading. No Gore commercials, I mean documentaries. Damn!

The Warmer, the Merrier by James P. Hogan

Earth warmed a little during the last century as part of the natural climate cycles that have always been happening and always will. The principal agent by far – to the tune of 95% of the total in maintaining an atmosphere that keeps the Earth from freezing at this distance from the Sun – is water vapour, which doesn’t even figure in the computer models that the current hysteria is based on, because you can’t control it, tax it, or blame it on your favorite villains. At 0.03% of the Earth’s atmosphere, carbon dioxide is a minor player, and the proportion of it due to human activities, minuscule – 2% of the 0.03%, which is six millionths of the 5% warming which was due to CO2 to begin with. Put another way, the human contribution works out at three cents in a hundred thousand dollars.


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November 22, 2008 at 7:05 pm

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