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Most of what we are hearing is Bull….

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Plenty of money out there but why should the big banks lend any when they can get billions by not doing so. The fed just ladles tons of cash to them and they buy each other up.

Until the governments around the world stop this will continue. “Corrections” are normal when fraud and greed are punished by spending cuts. Like any pyramid scheme eventually you run out of suckers to pay 25% interest on credit cards and half or more of your income on house payments. Living on credit doesn’t work for very long.Price correction is what’s going on.
Government panics to save their contributors only make it worse.

Check out the Daily Reckoning blog:

Deflation Now…Inflation Later

Yes, dear reader, everything is going according to plan. But whose plan? It’s not the plan of consumers – who counted on having more and more money to spend. It’s not the plan of investors; they’re getting hammered by the markets. It’s not the plan of Bernanke or Paulson either; they’re desperately trying to stop it.

No, it’s Nature’s Own Plan…in which bubbles always pop…what goes up eventually comes down…and people always get, neither what they expect nor what they hope for, but what they deserve.

“Nature in her wisdom, and God in His grace,” we wrote in Financial Reckoning Day, “make sure people get what they’ve got coming…”

Remember, a correction is equal and opposite to the deception that precedes it. A few years ago, we predicted that based on the level of mass hallucination in the markets in ’05-’06, the coming correction “ought to be a doozy.”

Now we find out what a doozy looks like.

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November 8, 2008 at 9:26 pm

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