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I’m now a Ron Paul republican…….

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Government has usurped the power granted to us by the Constitution. Wait til the Shit hits the fan over the next decade and there is blood in the streets. All this power will be directed at the citizens and our liberty will be crushed.

We should not forget that we got Mac as our candidate because of Dems,  “independents”and airhead “moderates” voted that way in the primaries. we fiscal conservatives didn’t have a voice. This guy was dead meat until this happened. Everyone who voted for Mac in the primary campaigns raise your right hand.

Thought so.

Ron Paul has been warning us about this for years. Nothing matters to the criminal gang in Washington except winning to maintain power. Just look at the treatment of Sarah Palin by the Media.

Be ready: Save, cut spending on foolishness, line up credit sources, especially credit union credit cards.  It helps if you got a government check to fall back on. Because jobs are the first things to go.

In a few short years everything will be on sale. After the coming bust (you ain’t seen nothing yet) we can go nuts and buy everything we want at half price or less. Happens every time in history as an Empire implodes. Rome did it. England especially gave it’s wealth away through “free trade” borrowing itself into the poor house and now rapidly becoming a third world hangout for Moslem fascist.

Check this guy out for further info.

The Daily Reckoning

Today, if we had to pay for fighting this war and financing our welfare state, there would be a tax revolt in this country because it would cost so much. But they can delay this by borrowing, by inflating. That is literally just creating money out of thin air to pay the bills and delaying the payment. So the whole idea of these deficits we run up and the fact that we have a financial monetary system that helps encourage politicians to do exactly the wrong thing instead of working to limit the size of government and maximize individual liberty and maximize the marketplace… Politicians end up doing the opposite because they get rewarded. Most incumbents win by being errand boys, coming to Washington and delivering the goods. But my point over the years has been that eventually that system breaks down, and it’s very, very dangerous and very harmful to everybody concerned.


Written by mrcauser

November 6, 2008 at 9:31 pm

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