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Don’t eat anything without a face…

If god didn’t want people to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat?
Oxnard,CA-July 07,2004-Research scientists at Oxnard UNC Medical Center have proven that plants, including vegetables, feel pain when subjected to trauma such as being yanked out of the ground, peeled, cooked, and eaten. “Veggies and plants initiate a massive hormone and chemical barrage internally when they suffer any kind of injury,” says professor Harry Simeon. “This response is akin to the nerve response and endorphin release when an animal is injured. We cannot ignore the similarities.” When Baker asked professor Simeon and his research team what they thought this finding might mean, they responded unanimously, “Nobel prize, baby!”

Other agencies and the sum total of the world’s hard-core vegetarians (known as vegans) registered formal complaints against the research. Their team of lawyers has already submitted a motion to have the results of the research destroyed or sealed. Others fear the damage has already been done. A spokesman said, “This is bad for us. Most of our members haven’t eaten anything since hearing about the results. Our lawyers are looking into suing Mother Earth for false advertising, but concede that the suit will probably be inconclusive. In the meantime we’ll be surviving on vitamin supplements and water.”

In an ironic related story, a dozen protesters picketing the Hungry Carnivore Steak House in Dallas were allegedly assaulted by three patrons of the restaurant. Eyewitnesses say that the picketers were making their typical nuisance display of scorn and righteous indignation over the willful consumption of “the flesh of murdered animals” outside the Hungry Carnivore when two unidentified men and a woman stepped out of the establishment and sprayed the picketers with several gallons of what appeared to be blood. Victims and bystanders alike were surprised to discover that the liquid was actually V-8 juice. The truly shocking result of the alleged attack was the reaction of the picketers. All of the protesters were wracked with convulsions and suffered hours of dry heaves while many of the bystanders merely laughed. This reaction within vegetarianism’s great bastion of faith has many true believers reconsidering their dietary requirements. Others are quietly making funeral arrangements and the Environmental Protection Agency is considering declaring vegans an endangered species.

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October 24, 2008 at 8:06 pm

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